Rules and Regulations

  • The legal residence must be greater than 1.5 miles from your school in your school zone.

  • School buses shall not leave the regular route to travel along roadways unless the student's legal residence is greater than three-tenths mile from the regular route.

  • School bus stops shall not be closer than two-tenths of a mile at safe points (as defined by state traffic criteria).

  • Buses shall not be permitted to leave the regular route during inclement weather.

  • Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children going to and from, and while at, the bus stop.

  • All students must ride specifically assigned buses and board or exit at specifically assigned bus stops. Regularly transported students who reside within one and one-half mile limit of their schools are deemed "courtesy riders," whereby such privilege is temporary and contingent upon availability of seats on the existing route. As route growth occurs outside the 1.5 mile limit, courtesy riders may lose their riding privilege.

  • South Carolina Department of Education's Transportation Website